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Franklin county setback requirements

Forms. Click on the links to view and print information and forms in PDF format. The forms may then be brought or sent by mail to theFranklin Building Dept., 355 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download it.

OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, INDIANA. 2010 ZONING ORDINANCE. OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, INDIANA. 2010 ZONING ORDINANCE. OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, INDIANA. SECTION 80.06.06 - COMMERCIAL & INTERMEDIATE ALTERNATE ENERGY SYSTEMS. Regulations. Approval Process: ... Setback Requirements. WES less than thirty-five (35) feet in height shall be setback a minimum of three.

Franklin Township Section 16.02. FOOTNOTES TO SCHEDULE OF REGULATIONS. a. In all residential and industrial districts, the required front yard setback shall not be used for off-street parking, loading, or unloading, and shall remain as open space unoccupied and unobstructed from the ground upward except for landscaping plant.

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3 bedroom rental

19.16.070 Setback, lot coverage and height requirements The following table and text provides regulations for height, area, setback and bulk requirements: Lot Coverage: 35% Height: 32 feet and two stories Front/Rear Yard Setback Total: 45 feet to living area Front Yard Setback 15 feet minimum – 25 feet to garage.

Where a residential district exists adjacent to a business district and on the same side of the street, there shall be provided setback of twenty (20) feet for all buildings, parking, and loading areas. g. Minimum land area required for each dwelling unit in the RM - Multiple Family Residential District shall be: AREA IN SQUARE FEET.

Obtain permit applications for Watershed and/or Floodplain Development from the Inspections Office. If you have questions regarding the Watershed or Floodplain, call the Environmental Services office at (828) 349-2518. Step 6: Building Permit. Apply for a building permit from Macon County Inspections (828) 349-2072 at 1834 Lakeside Drive in the.

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